What You Need To Know About Sustainability in Design

What Is Sustainability In Design?

First, you should have the idea of what is the relevance of sustainability to design and how would it apply to the concept of sustainability in design or also known as sustainable design. As you should know that the definition of sustainability is the capacity to maintain something in a level where it would have a long existence. With this, the definition of sustainability certainly applies to sustainable design since that its definition is about the special designing of objects, services, and even environment to counter the increasing demand and to fulfil the idea of economic, ecological, and social sustainability. In this way, all the things that are needed to survive and necessary in life would be available and obtainable for a long period.

Principles of Sustainable Design

Sustainable design also has a wide range of principles that can be applied to its different areas. Some of the common principles of sustainability in design are manifested in the choice of materials that are low – impact and the promotion of utilization of processes and procedures that need much lesser energy, reducing the waste and overconsumption of natural resources, establishing recycle and reuse method on products. Systems and processes, creating ways to manage the impact, launching standards and designs for the concept of sustainable design, Biomimicry, establishing new ways and alternatives for services, utilization of renewable materials and resources, and lastly creation of designs that can withstand and overcome inevitable ecological disasters and pollution. With all of these principles, the sustainable design could be the ideal solution for the growing population which leads to the increasing demands.

Different Classifications of Sustainable Design

Sustainable design also comes with different types or classifications which includes sustainable architecture, design for the sustainable landscapes, energy sector, sustainable agriculture, design for the emotionally strong, water sector, sustainable manufacturing, design for the sustainable aesthetics, and even design for the furniture and machinery. All of these classifications are essential and can greatly affect the way of living of every people. With this, it simply shows that sustainable design plays an important role in the society whether for social, ecological, or economic aspect it might be.


Now that you have the idea of what are the things you need to know about sustainability in design, you are now also more educated on what is this all about. And if you want to know more about this, you can ask an expert to help you.